Custom Tattooing FAQ

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Custom Tattoing FAQ

    I use a submission form on the Book Appointment page to help understand what you want to get tattooed. Currently my books are closed but a link will be there when I'm ready to take on more new projects.

   I suggest follow me on Instagram: @christinahayes_tattoos and turn on notifications for my page so you are up-to-date of future openings.

   I charge by the piece. We can work within your budget, or I can give you a quote based on the description. Pricing is based on complexity of the design + estimated time spent tattooing. Most tattoos take 2-8 hours to complete. Tattoos over 3-4 hours long will be broken up into more than 1 session.

    $200 appointment minimum. A $200 deposit is applied to the total.

   Consults are done about 2 weeks before the tattoo appointment. I find the process goes smoothest when your idea is fresh in my mind. Discussing the details of your deisgn is complimentary, but a $200 deposit needed at the time of the consultation to keep a tattoo appointment on the calendar.

   I complete drawings in order of appointment date. Most of my clients don’t see a drawing in advance and view the design when they come in for their appointment. That can be scary for some, but if you enjoy the work you see in my portfolio you can expect the same quality of art for your own custom design. I only take on projects I feel confident in being able to draw something both you and I will love!
    Each of my clients is scheduled a consultation to discuss ideas. I take detailed notes so I can draw you something within our discussed perimeters. I rarely send sketches of an unfinished piece. If you have not received a drawing from me, then I am most likely still working on it.

   If you see the deisgn the day of your appointment and would like to make changes, it’s best to talk about alterations in person anyway. Some changes can easily be accommodated the day of while others may be more complicated and result in the appointment needing to be rescheduled.
    If your idea changes significantly before any time is spent drawing there's still time for you to change the idea. As long as your new concept still falls into my preferred artistic content for tattoos I’m able to scrap the initial idea for new one and your deposit will still be applied.
    If your tattoo concept changes significantly upon viewing the design, $100 of the deposit will be applied to time spent drawing the first design. The remaing $100 from the original deposit will be applied to a new design. I reserve the right to use any untattooed design at my discretion.

   Taking special care of your mind and body the week of your appointment will help in the healing process and make getting the tattoo more comfortable. Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your appointment. Get a good night’s sleep, and make sure to eat a hearty meal before you come in. Wear loose, comfortable clothing that will give full access to the area being tattooed. If you are getting a tattoo that requires removal of your clothing, a light jacket or small blanket can be helpful for warmth and comfort.

   My work space at Destination Ink is already mostly enclosed and can be easily made fully private. "Pasties" are provided when the location necessitates removing a bra. If tattooing the hip I recommend wearing a long skirt, very stretchy/oversized thong, or a bikini bottom that ties at the side to more comfortably provide full access to the area. You are welcome to bring a light blanket or jacket to cover your body for warmth and comfort. There's also a space heater nearby I'm often using!

   Due to COVID-19 regulations/precautions, we are unable to accommodate any additional guests to your tattoo appointment at this time. Anyone that comes with you to your appointment will be asked to wait outside of the shop. Video chat can be set up if it's important to you to have loved ones present during your appointment!

   I'm inspired by the natural world. Florals, birds, insects, pets portraits and wild animals... I enjoy large designs that flow with the natural curves of the body. Other imagery I like to incorporate into artwork are vintage objects, skulls, sea creatures, shells, mushrooms, pinecones, crystals, snails, spiders- anything organic!

   Due to number of requests I usually turn down projects that fall outside of my preferred style and artistic content. There are plenty of other great tattoo artists in the surrounding area who are happy to do things like lettering/dates, henna, symbols, geometric work, realistic portraits and pinups, photorealism, traditional Japanese art, tribal or Celtic designs, etc. I appreciate all interest in my work but unfortunately I’m unable to do every tattoo idea that comes my way.

   Most appointments are 2-4 hours long. I will sometimes end a little earlier or work a little longer to get us to a good stopping point. Choosing a stopping point typically depends on the design. For example, if we worked on coloring green leaves that day I will try and end the appointment having finished all the leaves.

   A $200 deposit is applied to the total cost of your tattoo and is redeemed upon completion of the project. For example- if your tattoo takes 2 sessions to complete, your deposit will be on file until your tattoo is finished on the second appointment. The deposit will be applied to the total cost of the finishing session.
    All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable to any other artist or service. Please see my Cancelation Policy for more details about rescheduling an appointment in regards to the deposit.

   If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment for any reason 72 hrs notice is required to retain full deposit. A $100 fee will be deducted from the deposit for cancelation with less than 72 hours. You may reschedule your appointment 1x (ONE TIME). If you need to reschedule your appointment more than once a $100 fee will be deducted form the deposit. You must reach out to reschedule within 6 months of your original appointment, any longer will result in full loss of the deposit. Deposits remain on file for 1 year. If you decide to not get tattooed anymore, deposits are still NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.
    This includes but is not limited to: any kind of illness or family emergency, car/transportation issues, childcare issues, pet illness or financial crisis. In the event that you need to cancel your appointment due to pregnancy, you will need to make a new deposit when you are ready to get tattooed again.

  Touchups are for any fallout that happens during the initial healing process and cost $30 when completed within 6 months of the tattoo date. If getting your touchup after 6 months it’s $60. Anything after a year is considered normal settling and fading. Your tattoo will look softer over time. If things are significantly faded we may consider a rework to brighten it up so it looks new again, in that case I charge $100 hourly for reworks (my work only, reworking anyone else’s designs will be charged the normal hourly rate.)
    1 week's notice is required to rescheudle a touchup- less than 1 week and the deposit will go towards the missed appointment.

   Deposits, pre-payments and gift certificates remain on file for 1 year. They do expire and if you do not contact to schedule/reschedule your appointment within a year, any payments made will no longer be redeemable. A new deposit will be required to make an appointment.