Eyeliner Aftercare

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Eyeliner Aftercare



After treatment, it is normal for some tenderness, swelling and redness for a few days. The area will feel sensitive, followed by dry/flaky skin. Some people may experience light bruising which disappears within a few days.

Color intensity will be darker when freshly done. It will flake and appear softer and lighter when done flaking. 

Full healing takes 4-6 weeks, but will look healed sooner than this. This is why the touchup is done no sooner than 6 weeks. 

Any pigment that doesn’t “stick” will be corrected during the touch up visit 6-10 weeks later. Most clients need more than 1 session to achieve ideal results, which is why the way I provide permanent makeup is a two-step process.

Permanent eyeliner is not meant to take the place of dramatic makeup. Once healed, you can apply additional eye makeup to achieve dark and dramatic effects if desired.

This is all absolutely normal. Be patient and trust this is part of the expected healing process.



    Cleanse your eyes with the provided aftercare pads on the first day. There’s 4 in the pack, use 1 every hour for the next 4 hours. Gently wipe down the area to remove any “crusties” or plasma. Then you will begin 10 days of dry healing. This means no your eyes cannot get wet at all. You’ll be provided with protective visors for showering. 

    If your eyes are still producing “crusties” on day 2, use water and q-tips/cotton rounds to to very gently cleanse the area as needed. Avoid excessive rubbing! You may resume your normal beauty routines after about 7-10 days when all flaking is done.

    To cleanse your face, use a washcloth or facial cleansing wipes for these 10 days to avoid splashing on your face. In addition, no profuse sweating, hot steam, no creams, no makeup directly on the eyes, no mascara, and no direct sun exposure for extended periods of time. (If you must spend time outside while healing, wear a wide brimmed hat/large sunglasses.)

    SWELLING: Some people may experience swelling after getting permanent makeup. You may use an ice pack wrapped in a dry/clean cloth to reduce swelling for 10 minutes per hour. Sleeping with the head elevated helps alleviate swelling sometimes seen the morning after facial procedures.


These activities may be resumed once the eyelids are done flaking.

  • Avoid contact with water & hot steam. Use the provided visors when showering.
  • Avoid exercise! No increased sweating or strenuous activity.
  • NEVER pick at flakes or scabs. When flaking and scabbing occurs, it’s important to let them fall off naturally. Picking can result in scarring and color loss.
  • Wash your hands and pillowcases prior to contact with your face to lower risk of infection. 
  • Wearing contacts should be avoided for at least 48 hours or until all swelling has gone down.



  • Sun exposure/tanning will prematurely fade your pigment and alter the color. Diligently using a face moisturizer with SPF is a good way to protect your permanent makeup. Wear UV protective sunglasses and wide brimmed hats when staying out in the sun.
  • Lash growth serums and anti-aging products containing Vitamin A/Retinol should be avoided on the eyes indefinitely.
  • Wait 2 weeks to apply lash extensions.
  • Always let estheticians know of permanent makeup before receiving any kind of skin treatment.