Brows Aftercare

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Brows Aftercare



After treatment it’s normal for some tenderness, swelling and redness for a few days. You may feel a sunburn sensation, followed by dry/flaky skin.

Brows will appear darker and bolder for a few days after the appointment. During healing, they will lighten up to 40% and shrink in size.

As your skin naturally exfoliates and regenerates, your brows will go through a few phases while healing. Color will change, disappear, and reappear as the ink settles into the skin. If shading was added to your brows, you can expect to experience more flaking than microblading alone.

Color will flake off appearing less visible but will slowly reappear over the next few weeks revealing a softer version on your initial treatment. Any ink that doesn’t “stick” will be corrected during your followup appointment.

Healing takes 4-6 weeks. Permanent makeup is a process and most people need more than one session to achieve ideal results.

This is all absolutely normal and why permanent makeup is completed in at least 2 sessions. Be patient and trust it’s part of the expected healing process.



For a few days your skin may create lymph and plasma fluids as a natural reaction to being tattooed. For best retention results, keep the area clean and allow the skin to breathe. For cleansers, Cerave, or Cetaphil are best. Avoid using cleansers containing oils, charcoal or acids, bar soap and micellar cleansers.

1-2 hours after your service, very gently wash your brows with a mild cleanser and lukewarm water. Wash the tattooed area 3-5 times a day for the next 3-4 days (or until the brows begin flaking). Once brows begin flaking, reduce washing to once a day and moisturizing 1-2 times a day until all flakes and scabbing are gone.

Use your fingertips to massage the brows in small circles with the cleanser. Rise and pat dry with a soft tissue or cotton round, then apply a tiny rice-grain amount of the provided ointment to your brows after every time they are washed.


These activities may be resumed once the brows are done flaking.

  • Avoid contact with water & hot steam. Use the provided visors when showering.
  • Avoid exercise! No increased sweating or strenuous activity.
  • NEVER pick at flakes or scabs. When flaking and scabbing occurs, it’s important to let them fall off naturally. Picking can result in scarring and color loss!
  • Wash your hands and pillowcases prior to contact with brows to lower risk of infection.
  • No facial lotion, makeup, or non-gentle cleansers should be applied to the brows until they are done flaking. 



  • Facial oils and natural skin oils on the forehead may result in softer hair stokes over time. Oily skin types may need a touchup sooner than someone with dry skin.
  • Sun exposure/tanning will prematurely fade your brows and may alter the color. Making sure your daily face moisturizer is at least SPF 15 is recommended to protect pigment from the sun’s rays.
  • Facial products containing Vitamin A/Retinols/hair growth serums should be avoided on the forehead altogether. Using it on the forehead may cause the ink to fade or change color.
  • Exfoliating and skin lightening products (acidic facial cleansers like alpha & beta hydroxy acids and chemical peels) promote ink loss. Avoid on the brow area.
  • Always let estheticians know of permanent makeup before receiving any kind of skin treatment.